Price: £16.99
Format: Vinyl
Artist: The Anchoress
CatNo: KSCOPE1124
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The Anchoress The Art Of Losing Acoustic EP Vinyl Kscope
The Art Of Losing Acoustic EP contains acoustic versions of songs from the critically-acclaimed record The Art Of Losing (2021) by songwriter and producer The Anchoress.
Featuring a stripped back piano version of Show Your Face, Let It Hurt (String Quartet Version) and acoustic renditions of All Farewells Should Be Sudden and The Art Of Losing plus a solo piano take on The Exchange and a special French language version of Let It Hurt.
Catherine Anne Davies (aka The Anchoress) says:
"As an album that was designed to be listened to on headphones as an intimate journey into the physical & psychological landscape of grief, it's been fascinating to tackle these acoustic reworkings & explore new textures & arrangements that strip back the songs to their essential skeletons. I hope fans will find a new connection to the core of the songs within these acoustic versions & be excited to own them on vinyl for the first time."
1 Show Your Face (Piano Version)
2 Let It Hurt (String Quartet Version) 
3 All Farewells Should Be Sudden (Acoustic Version) 
1 The Art of Losing (Acoustic Lounge Version)
2 The Exchange (Solo Piano Version)
3 Let It Hurt (French Version)