Price: £28.99
Format: Vinyl
Artist: Tangerine Dream & Sylvester Levay
CatNo: 7246640
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Tangerine Dream Sylvester Levay Three OClock High Vinyl

A 35th anniversary re-issue of the pulsing electronic soundtrack for cult favourite, Three O'Clock High.

Includes an insert of the original film poster drawn by the legendary Drew Struzan. Vinyl with printed inner and liner notes.

The soundtrack is mostly scored by Tangerine Dream, with assistance from Sylvester Levay on a handful of tracks.


1 It's Jerry's Day Today 
2 46-32-15 
3 No Detention 
4 Any School Bully Will Do 
5 Go To The Head Of the Class 
6 Sit 
7 The Fight 
8 Jerry's Decisions 
9 The Fight Is On 
10 Paper 
1 Big Bright Brass Knuckles 
2 Buying Paper Like It's Going Out Of Style 
3 Dangerous Trend 
4 Who's Chasing Who 
5 Bonding By Candlelight 
6 You'll Never Believe It 
7 Starting The Day Off Right 
8 Weak At The Knees 
9 Kill Him (The Football Dummy) 
10 Not So Quiet In The Library/Get Lost In A Crowd 
11 Something To Remember Me By 
12 Arrival