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Format: CD
Artist: Tangerine Dream
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Tangerine Dream Recurring Dreams CD Kscope
Tangerine Dream classics re-worked by the 2020 line-up of the legendary Electronica pioneers.
Includes captivating and emotional renditions of Phaedra, Stratosfear, Tangram and Yellowstone Park.
2022 edition. CD in digipak.
Modern Tangerine Dream has seen the beginning of 'The Quantum Years', which began as a concept and series of musical sketches by Froese before he passed away in 2015. 
Remaining band members Thorsten Quaeschning, Ulrich Schnauss and Hoshiko Yamane worked together to realize Edgar's visions and expectations of a conceptual body of work that attempts to translate quantum philosophy into music. This new direction led to the 2017 album Quantum Gate, which was described by The Guardian as the band's "most interesting release in years."
With Recurring Dreams, the 2020 line-up of Tangerine Dream pay homage to the band's timeless beginnings, featuring all generations of synths and sequencers, added layers and new arrangements, applying Froese's new quantum dream to these highly influential tracks. Recurring Dreams also includes the new version of Claymore Mine Stalking that was used in the popular 2018 black metal movie Lords of Chaos.
1. Sequent 'C' 2019
2. Monolight (Yellow Part) 2019
3. Tangram Set 1 2019 (excerpt)
4. Horizon 2019 Part 1
5. Horizon 2019 Part 2
6. Phaedra 2014
7. Los Santos City Map
8. Claymore Mine / Stalking 2019
9. Yellowstone Park 2019
10. Stratosfear 2019
11. Der Mond ist aufgegangen Part 1 & 2