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Format: CD
Artist: Talk Talk
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Talk Talk The Colour Of Spring CD
Talk Talk's astonishing and hugely influential 1986 release 'The Colour Of Spring' struck a perfect balance between the band's more commercial origins and its later experimental work.
Contains the mega-hit 'Life's What You Make It', the beautiful tone poem 'April 5th' and the epic, uplifting 'Time It's Time'.
CD in jewel case.
1 Happiness Is Easy 6:31
2 I Don't Believe In You 5:02
3 Life's What You Make It 4:29
4 April 5th 5:52
5 Living In Another World 6:58
6 Give It Up 5:17
7 Chameleon Day 3:20
8 Time It's Time 8:14