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Format: CD
Artist: Suburban Savages
CatNo: ARP005CD
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Suburban Savages Kore Wa CD Panzerpappa White Willow
Out of the savage suburbs of Oslo comes the brainchild of Trond Gjellum, drummer from the legendary Norwegian prog rock band Panzerpappa.
Suburban Savages consists of members from Panzerpappa, Ghost Karaoke, White Willow, Weserbergland, Fraction Distraction and Now've Got Members - bands that have distinguished themselves as playful ensembles with a willingness to expand the boundaries of pop and rock. The result is unique: The catchy simplicity of pop music is mixed with the mind-blowing complexity of progressive rock.
1. Fade Into Obscurity 5:02
2. Pronk 3:58
3. As I Am Dying 6:00
4. Guzarondan 5:29
5. Von Two-Step 4:25
6. Kore Wa! 4:13
7. Docteur Mago 8:44
Arranged By – Suburban Savages
Bass – Anders K. Krabberød
Cover – Thomas Hagen Kaldhol
Drums, Percussion, Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals, Programmed By, Keyboards – Trond Gjellum
Electric Guitar, Baritone Guitar, Noises – Thomas Meidell
Electric Guitar, Guitar [Moog Guitar] – Nina Hagen Kaldhol
Engineer – Anders K. Krabberød, Thomas Meidell, Trond Gjellum
Flute – Ketil Vestrum Einarsen (tracks: A1, A2, B3)
Keyboards – Hans-Petter Alfredsen
Mastered By – Chris Sansom
Mixed By – Trond Gjellum
Synth – Aud I. Otomidi (tracks: B1)
Vocals – Ketil Vestrum Einarsen (tracks: A1 to A3), Thomas Meidell (tracks: A1, A3)
Vocals [Chanting] – Anders K. Krabberød (tracks: B2), Hans-Petter Alfredsen (tracks: B2), Nina Hagen Kaldhol (tracks: B2)