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Format: cd/dvd
Artist: Strawbs
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Strawbs Access All Areas CD/DVD
Strawbs' filmed in concert in 1990 on cd and dvd (pal, region 0). 
Deluxe package includes extended notes, new interviews, photographs and memorabilia.
This is a 2015 repackaging of a Strawbs UK television performance and features the line-up of Dave Cousins, Tony Hooper, Brian Willoughby, Richard Hudson, Rod Demick and Chris Parren playing 9 classic songs including Grace Darling and the epic Hero And Heroine.
We have a few copies available at a bargain price.
1. Cut Like A Diamond 
2. Something For Nothing 
3. Ringing Down The Years 
4. The Hangman And The Papist 
5. Grace Darling 
6. The River/Down By The Sea 
7. Lay Down 
8. Part Of The Union 
9. Hero and Heroine