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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Anderson Stolt
Availability: 21-07-2023
CatNo: 19658806401
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The Invention Of Knowledge was a 2016 collaboration between ex-Yes singer Jon Anderson and Flower Kings' supremo Roine Stolt (with Jonas Reingold, Felix Lehrmann, Tom Brislin, Nad Sylvan and Daniel Gildenlow).
Featuring four epic tracks over its 65 minute duration, the album showcases two Progressive masters at their uncompromising best. This edition features a longer alternative mix of the title track. 
Stolt has remixed and remastered the album for this 2023 LP edition
Double 180g transparent orange vinyl version in gatefold cover with 4 page booklet.
Side A 
1 Invention 00:09:41 
2 We Are Truth 00:06:41 
3 Knowledge 00:06:30 
Side B 
1 Knowing 00:10:31 
2 Chase and Harmony 00:07:17 
Side C 
1 Everybody Heals 00:07:36 
2 Better By Far 00:02:03 
3 Golden Light 00:03:30 
Side D 
1 Know... 00:11:13