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Artist: The Weave
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The Weave The Weave CD
The Weave is the new project from Martin Smith, the trumpet playing part of Liverpool-based Psychedelic eccentrics The Wizards Of Twiddly. 
By turns exuberant and lyrical, The Weave - a collective of hugely talented players from North West England - play a warm, traditional and distinctively British style of Jazz music.
'Although it plays with sub-genres from funeral march style Dixieland to frenetically paced Bop, this is not merely a series of pastiches. The Weave use a variety of stylistic influences as a starting point for consistently inventive creativity.' - The Flaneur
1. Thou Spak A Mouthful (6.11)
2. Caresser Caress Her (8.05)
3. Never Better (5.14)
4. Hollie Dancer (4.01)
5. The Ballad Of Bernard Swimmins (6.10)
6. As Within (4.44)
7. Cold, Wet and Sockless (6.20)
8. Abram's Air (4.17)
9. Apart From That Mrs Lincoln (3.22)
Martin Smith (Trumpet)
Anthony Peers (Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Vocals)
Rob Stringer (Piano, Fender Rhodes, Vocals)
Hugo Harrison (Double Bass)
Anthony Ormesher (Guitar)
Tilo Pirnbaum (Drum, Percussion) 
Stuart Hardcastle (Percussion)