Price: £9.99
Format: CD
Artist: Western Electric Sound System
CatNo: MP001
Western Electric Sound System is a new trio formed out of the ashes of celebrated 1990s Epic Rock band This Picture.
An emotive and confessional collection of spacious, sonically vast songs recorded ‘in the moment’ over the course of three years, from the cinematic guitar-scapes and jolting lyrical content to the vulnerable baritone vocal, The Incredible Shrinking Man is an alt-folk-ambient-country-prog genre-flirting piece that sounds quite unlike anything else. 
Produced by Stephen W Tayler (Kate Bush, Bruford, Rupert Hine).
CD in gatefold cover with 8 page booklet.
1. Fear & Loathing
2. Man in Black
3. Night Train
4. Feel
5. Twelveday
6. At the Edge of the World
7. Lullaby
8. The Incredible Shrinking Man 
      Part 1. Departure
      Part 2. Rudderless
      Part 3. Where the Wind Blows