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Format: cd
Artist: Trey Gunn
CatNo: HST049CD
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Trey Gunn The Third Star Toyah King Crimson cd

Released in 1996, The Third Star is Trey Gunn’s second solo album.

Recorded while Gunn was still a member of King Crimson, the album features performances by fellow KC member Pat Mastelotto and vocals on one track by Toyah Wilcox.

Catalogue # HST049CD.


1. Dziban 
2. Symbiotic 
3. Arrakis 
4. Sirrah 
5. The Third Star 
6. Acquiring Canopus 
7. Kaffaljidhma 
8. Yad Al-Gawza 
9. Kuma 
10. Indiera 
11. Bonus tracks - Demographically Challenged 
12. The Fish are Shimmering over the Horizon 
13. Redder's Gate 
14. One minute, a Stone 
15. 3x's as Right 
16. Gallina 
17. Measured by The Stars