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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Toyah
CatNo: DEMREC905
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Toyah Posh Pop Colour Vinyl
Made with long-term songwriting partner Simon Darlow, Toyah’s 2021 release Posh Pop is her first studio solo album since 2008.
From the cosmic groove of Space Dance to the anthemic sun-kissed Summer Of Love, Posh Pop is a strong collection of infectious pieces that are as joyous as they are reflective. Jeremy Stacey (King Crimson) features on drums.
Space Grey 180g vinyl in inner and outer sleeves.
1. Levitate
2. Zoom Zoom
3. The Bride Will Return 4. Space Dance
5. Barefoot On Mars
1. Rhythm In The House 
2. Summer Of Love
3. Monkeys
4. Kill The Rage
5. Take Me Home