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Format: CD
Artist: White Willow
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Ex Tenebris Expanded Edition White Willow cd
A remastered, and expanded reissue of the long out of print second album from Norway's sublime White Willow.
Something of a cult favourite when originally issued in 1998, the album fuses symphonic rock, folk rock and gothic atmospheres into a unique sound. and is awash with vintage instruments such as Mellotrons and Theremins. 
This 2014 edition features previously unheard bonus material, liner notes and comes with new artwork. 
1. Leaving the House of Thanatos
2. The Book of Love
3. Soteriology
4. Helen and Simon Magus
5. Thirteen Days
6. A Strange Procession...
7. ...A Dance of Shadows
Bonus tracks:
8. Clothes of Sand (demo)
9. The Last Rose of Summer (demo)
10. Coniunctio (demo)
11. Leaving the House of Thanatos (live)