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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Sweet Billy Pilgrim
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Sweet Billy Pilgrim Somapolis Red and blue vinyl
Sweet Billy Pilgrim’s eclectic 2022 album has been described as, ‘A conceptual hymn to the cities we build inside and outside of ourselves.'
Liberated from a traditional band lineup and working with a handpicked group of talented collaborators, the multi-instrumentalist duo of Jana Carpenter and Tim Elsenburg combine their avant-pop instincts (Prefab Sprout; Steely Dan) with their love of Prince, their fascination with the soulful electronica of Jon Hopkins and their discoveries while exploring the low frequencies of modern R&B, jokingly referring to early drafts of the album as their 'Kid Aja’. 
Tim summarises: “It’s a concept album and there’s plenty to unravel for post-lockdown brains, but it also feels a bit more physical. People might not be able to actually dance to it, but for the first time, they might be able to imagine dancing to it.”
Limited double red and blue vinyl edition. Please note the signed copies have now sold out.


1. We Are Bright Carvers 
2. Bliss Maps 
3. Attacus Atlas 
4. Pass Muster 
5. Down I Go
6. Dead Man Dancing 
7. Stress Position 
8. The Night Watch
9. Pilgrim 
10. Get Back to What You Started 
11. Skywriting