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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Various Artists
CatNo: DEMREC1081
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Various Artists Intrigue Double vinyl
Steven Wilson Presents: Intrigue - Progressive Sounds In UK Alternative Music 1979–89 is a 2LP set collecting 19 tracks that explore the creativity, experimentation, and progressive spirit of alternative British music from the late 1970s to the late 1980s.
Compiled by SW and featuring sleeve notes from James Nice (Factory Benelux), the collection includes pieces by Bill Nelson, Cocteau TwinsNo-ManRobert FrippUltravoxDead Can DanceDurutti Column and many others.
"This is my personally-curated attempt to redress the balance, and to perhaps introduce any 1980s-sceptics out there to the idea that conceptual thinking and ambition didn’t suddenly evaporate after 1977. Ambitious, weird and thrilling music was all around you in the 1980s - if you looked in the right places.” - Steven Wilson
1. a better home in the phantom zone – bill nelson’s red noise
2. back to nature – magazine
3. complicated game (steven wilson 2014 mix) - xtc
4. the raven – the stranglers
5. puppet life – punishment of luxury
6. astradyne (steven wilson stereo mix) – ultravox
7. sketch for summer – the durutti column
8. health and efficiency - this heat
9. cognitive dissonance (steven wilson 2022 mix) – robert fripp and the league of gentlemen
10. three dancers (steven wilson 2021 mix) - twelfth night
11. airwaves - thomas dolby
12. knife slits water - a certain ratio
13. donimo - cocteau twins
14. beehead (7” version) - perennial divide
15. no motion - dif juz
16. gutter busting – slab!
17. the host of seraphim - dead can dance
18. r.e.s. - cardiacs
19. night sky, sweet earth - no-man