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Artist: Steven Wilson
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Insurgentes, the debut album from Steven Wilson, was released earlier this year on Kscope. The album immediately received a rapturous reception from not just fans and critics but also from fellow artists. Several of these artists have remixed tracks from the album and NSRGNTS RMXS is a collection of some of these remixes.
The mini-album is completed by the winner of the remix competition which has been running on the Insurgentes mini-site. The competition offered fans the chance to remix the Insurgentes track Abandoner. With the competition now closed Steven has listened to all the entries and whittled them down to a final eight mixes. 
1. Harmony Korine (magnetized nebula remix by David A Sitek mix) 5:11
2. Get All You Deserve (Dälek mix) 7:44
3. Abandoner (Engineers mix) 4:46
4. Salvaging (Pat Mastelotto mix) 8:31
5. Abandoner (Danse Macabre mix) 5:34
6. Get All You Deserve (Fear Falls Burning mix) 6:20
7. Only Child (Pat Mastelotto mix 3) 4.32
8. Only Child (Pat Mastelotto mix 1) 5.56