Home Invasion is a stunning concert film capturing the final night of Steven Wilson's three night sold out residency at the Royal Albert Hall, London in March 2018.
The concerts were hailed by media and fans alike as among the very best shows of the year and the performance celebrates the very best from across SW's career so far (presented as a cinematic multi-media show with glorious visualisations and outstanding musicianship). 
DVD edition.
DVD Audio: Dolby Digital Stereo, Dolby Digital 5.1, DTS Surround Sound, NTSC Region 0 16:9
(1) Intro “Truth” 
(2) Nowhere Now 
(3) Pariah 
(4) Home Invasion / Regret #9 
(5) The Creator Has A Mastertape 
(6) Refuge 
(7) People Who Eat Darkness 
(8) Ancestral 
(9) Arriving Somewhere But Not Here 
(10) Permanating 
(11) Song Of I 
(12) Lazarus 
(13) Detonation 
(14) The Same Asylum As Before 
(15) Song Of Unborn 
(16) Vermillioncore 
(17) Sleep Together 
(18) Even Less 
(19) Blank Tapes 
(20) The Sound Of Muzak 
(21) The Raven That Refused to Sing
Bonus Features
Rehearsal Tracks: 
Hand Cannot Erase 
Heartattack In A Layby
Director - James Russell
Producer - Andy Derbyshire