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Format: CD
Artist: Blackfield
CatNo: KSCOPE493
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Blackfield Steven Wilson Aviv Geffen kscope progressive cd
A mid-price CD edition of Blackfield’s debut presented in a digipak with an 8-page booklet and featuring a 2016 Steven Wilson remaster.
Blackfield is the collaboration between Israeli songwriter and musician Aviv Geffen, and British musician and producer Steven Wilson. The band's self-titled debut, originally released in 2004, is a fan favourite and includes the popular singles Hello, Pain, Blackfield and Cloudy Now.
1. Open Mind [3:49]
2. Blackfield [4:06]
3. Glow [4:00]
4. Scars [3:57]
5. Lullaby [3:29]
6. Pain [3:47]
7. Summer [4:12]
8. Cloudy Now [3:34]
9. The Hole In Me [2:47]
10. Hello [3:09]