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Artist: Tim Bowness
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Tim Bowness Late Night Laments Japanese CD
A 2021 Japanese edition of Tim Bowness’s Late Night Laments featuring two exclusive bonus tracks.
Double CD in gatefold card jacket.
Mixed by his long-term No-Man partner Steven Wilson and mastered by Calum Malcolm (The Blue Nile, Prefab Sprout), exceptional performances come from an impressive cast of supporting musicians including Richard Barbieri, Colin Edwin, Kavus Torabi, Melanie Woods, Tom Atherton, Peter Hammill and Evan Carson.
The bonus disc features seven pieces, the five tracks from the Cheerleaders Of The Damned extras EP and alternative versions of I’m Better Now and Beauty In Decay.
Co-produced by Bowness and Brian Hulse. 
Combining electronic soundscapes, acoustic instrumentation and unexpected rhythms, Late Night Laments is a tightly focused and emotionally charged entry in Bowness’s increasingly impressive solo catalogue. 
Contrasting with the sensuous beauty of the music, the frequently dark lyrical themes include meditations on generational divides, ideologically motivated violence, social exclusion, and a much-loved children’s author’s mental breakdown.
The album’s detailed artwork is by Jarrod Gosling (I Monster/Regal Worm). 
CD 1 - Late Night Laments
1. Northern Rain 
2. I’m Better Now 
3. Darkline 
4. We Caught The Light 
5. The Hitman Who Missed 
6. Never A Place 
7. The Last Getaway 
8. Hidden Life 
9. One Last Call 
CD 2 - Cheerleaders For The Damned
1. The Other Side 
2. Beauty In Decay 
3. Beyond The Firing Line 
4. Cheerleader For The Damned 
5. War Games By The Sea 
Japanese Exclusive Tracks
6. I’m Better Now (radio session)
7. Beauty In Decay (alternative mix)