A live album originally released in 2001 on Jansen, Babrieri & Karn’s own Medium Productions label.

Limited pressing of 500 copies on double silver vinyl. 

Recorded live in Toyko and London, JBK perform a selection of material spanning three decades of album releases from Mick Karn, Jansen/Barbieri, Rain Tree Crow and Japan.

Guests include Steven WilsonTheo Travis and Natacha Atlas. Mixed by Steve Jansen. Remastered for vinyl by Lee Fletcher (Unsung Productions). 

Walkabout 4.25
Big Wheels In Shanty Town 6.09
Lodge Of Skins 4.34
Saday Maday 6.37
When Things Dream 3.20
Bestial Cluster 3.44
Night Gives Birth 4.34
Long Tales Tall Shadow 5.32
Plaster The Magic Tongue 5.49
Types Of Ambiguity 2.37
Life Without Buildings 6.53
Walkabout performed by Richard Barbieri (live). 
Types Of Ambiguity performed by Steve Jansen (studio). 
Special guest appearance by Natacha Atlas on Lodge Of Skins
Jansen: drums / sampled percussion / keyboards
Barbieri: synthesisers / keyboards
Karn: bass guitar / bass clarinet / vocals.
Wilson: electric guitar
Travis: saxophones / flute.