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Artist: Yes
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Yes Drama CD Chris_Squire Geoff_Downes Steve_Howe
Remastered and expanded 2004 CD edition of Yes's Drama (1980).
Featuring Trevor Horn and Geoff Downes in the line-up, Drama represented a major shift in the band's sound and personnel and is one of the most highly regarded releases by one of Prog's most essential artists.
Containing the epics Machine Messiah and Into The Lens, and the astonishing Tempus Fugit.

CD in jewel case.

1 Machine Messiah 10:27
2 White Car 1:21
3 Does It Really Happen? 6:35
4 Into The Lens 8:32
5 Run Through The Light 4:42
6 Tempus Fugit 5:21
Bonus Tracks
7 Into The Lens (I Am A Camera) (Single Version) 3:47
8 Run Through The Light (Single Version) 4:31
9 Have We Really Got To Go Through This 3:43
10 Song No. 4 (Satellite) 7:31
11 Tempus Fugit (Tracking Session) 5:39
12 White Car (Tracking Session) 1:11
13 Dancing Through The Light 3:16
Performer – Alan, Chris, Jon, Rick, Steve
14 Golden Age 5:57
Performer – Alan, Chris, Jon, Rick, Steve
15 In The Tower 2:54
Performer – Alan, Chris, Jon, Rick, Steve
16 Friend Of A Friend 3:38
Performer – Alan, Chris, Jon, Rick, Steve
Bass, Vocals – Chris Squire
Guitar, Vocals – Steve Howe
Keyboards, Vocoder – Geoff Downes
Percussion, Vocals – Alan White
Vocals – Trevor Horn