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Format: CD
Artist: Tomorrow
CatNo: SOUMCD065
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Tomorrow Permanent Dream CD Steve Howe
Tomorrow’s legendary debut album re-imagined by Steve Howe.
Post-produced using the technology now available on the balance and edits to enhance and re-present what the band were trying to achieve 55 years ago. Remastered from the original mono mixes
Featuring some less well-known studio tracks, a new title, running order and a sleeve creating the psychedelic masterpiece the band always envisaged.
Includes new notes by Steve Howe and John ‘Twink’ Alder.
Previously known as The In Crowd, Tomorrow came to fame in the 1967 film Smashing Time. During that year the band released two singles, one of which, ‘My White Bicycle’ was inspired by the Dutch Provos, an anarchist group in Amsterdam which instituted a community bicycle program. The follow-up single
‘Revolution’, according to Joe Boyd’s book White Bicycles – Making Music in the 1960s asserted the band’s performance of the song at the UFO Club was the apotheosis of the 60s UK underground.
Guitarist Steve Howe later joined progressive rock band Yes, while Twink joined The Pretty Things in order to complete their concept album, ‘SF Sorrow’, before forming The Pink Fairies. John Wood sometimes played bass with Jeff Beck.
1. Real Permanent Dream – Version One
2. Hallucinations
3. My White Bicycle
4. Why
5. Revolution
6. Strawberry Fields Forever
7. Three Jolly Little Dwarfs
8. Now Your Time Has Come
9. Claramount Lake
10. Caught In a Web
11. Real Permanent Dream – Version Two
12. The Incredible Journey of Timothy Chase
13. Now Your Time Has Come – Live
14. Shotgun and the Duck – Live