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Format: CD
Artist: District 97
CatNo: SOUMCD130
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District_97 Stay_For_The_Ending CD
Recorded, mixed and mastered by Noam Wallenberg (Alan Parsons, Mac Miller), Stay For The Ending is the culmination of everything District 97 has worked toward in its 15 years of existence.
Over the years the band have received acclaim from a multitude of sources but particularly the late John Wetton (King Crimson, UK, Asia). So impressed was Wetton that in 2013, he and the band joined forces and toured across Europe and the US. 
This 2023 release sees the band significantly upping its game and the album embraces a vast array of themes and musical influences. 
1. Stay For The Ending
2. Mirror
3. Many New Things
4. Crossover
5. Divided We Fall
6. Life Cycle
7. X
8. X-Faded
9. Deck Is Stacked
10. The Watcher