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Artist: William E. Spevack
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In their 30-plus years, Green Day have evolved in myriad ways, inspiring countless bands.
During the 1990s, the band led the pop-punk charge, while in the 2000s they've inspired a second generation of fans via lyrically intelligent and musically complex hard rock.
Green Day: On Track takes a journey through the Rock N’ Roll Hall of Fame band’s career, analyzing every album and song in their remarkable catalogue.
William E. Spevack has been published in the magazines Laptop, CPU, and PC Upgrade as well as the music website His first book, Keep On Shining: A Guide Through the Music of Love & Arthur Lee, was published in December 2021. He is a Bard graduate and a passionate music fan, who enjoys writing about music, playing sports, playing keyboards and reading music history books that focus on the music specifically. He lives in New York City.