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Artist: Steve Pilkington
CatNo: 9781789520477
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Steve Pilkington Monty Python On Screen book

Sonicbond’s On Screen series offers analysis of film and televison series and the work of major directors.

Steve Pilkington's book assesses all of Monty Python's films, TV episodes, albums and spin-off books.

How did Python come to be, what tensions were there between its stars, and what was the atmosphere like when the crew reunited to make the films long after they had left their TV show days behind them? All this is discussed and much, much more...

Paperback book.


Steve Pilkington is a freelance writer based in the North West of England. Over the last few years, he has published extensive guides to the music of Black Sabbath, Deep Purple and the Rolling Stones, as well as writing the official biography of guitarist Gordon Giltrap, entitled Perilous Journey. He was editor-in-chief of the magazine Rock Society, and also presents a weekly prog rock radio show. He lives in Wigan, UK.