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Artist: James Griffiths
CatNo: 9781789522655
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James_Griffiths Queen_in_the_1970s Book Freddie_Mercury
Queen in the 1970s is an up-close examination of the legendary band’s (now) critically adored first ten years, the decade when the band forged its unique vision, beat off the critics and became, after many epic tantrums and much violent throwing of crockery, champions of the world.
James Griffiths spent five years as a music writer for the national Guardian newspaper in the UK. He is the author of Squeeze - The Pop Music Played (Orchard Abbott Publications, 2021), and has a YouTube channel ( dedicated to music and record collecting. He has also worked as a TV scriptwriter and was a member of the writing team for the CBBC reboot of the cartoon series Danger Mouse in 2015. He now lives in Lancaster, UK, with a small group of fellow humans and animals, but tragically, he still doesn’t know any members of Queen.