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Artist: Eric Benac
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Eric Benac Cardiacs On Track Book
In Cardiacs On Track, Eric Benac examines each of the Cardiacs' albums (including the never-re-pressed, cassette-only releases) and the band’s numerous fascinating side projects (such as tthe sublime prog-folk of Sea Nymphs, the warped psychedelics of Spartley's Japs, and the twisted Brit Pop of Tim Smith's solo album). 
Every song by the Cardiacs is discussed both musically and lyrically, making this the first full analysis of the work of this unique band.
Eric Benac is a freelance writer. He has over a decade of experience as a professional writer, including three years as a journalist and ten years as a marketing and blogging expert. Beyond his paid work, Eric enjoys writing poetry, short stories, novels, plays, and music reviews. In his spare time, Eric records Zappa and Cardiacs-influenced electronic pop as Gergy 12. His first book was Frank Zappa On Track, also for Sonicbond. He lives in Holt, Michigan, USA.