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Format: CD
Artist: Shriekback
CatNo: BS_3480_CD
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shriek back live at park west cd
There are two periods of Shriekback live. 
The first was a 5 piece 'blokes' band deeply infused with post-punk squatter chic, but the second was an 8 piece band with percussion and backing singers (purveyors of blatant showbiz featuring a bald man in an enormous golden cape who wanted you to clap your hands).  
This album is a live bootleg from the artistic peak of the band's 'showbiz' period. Rehearsed, routined and road-hardened to the max. This is Shriekback being as entertaining as they knew how (which, strangely as it turned out, was plenty).
CD in digipak with 4 page booklet.
1. 'this Bud's for you'
2. Lined Up
3. Black Light Trap
4. On a Razor's Edge 
5. Gunning for the Buddha
6. Underwater Boys
7. Faded Flowers
8. Feelers
9. Everything That Rises Must Converge
10. My Spine (is the Baseline)
11. Nemesis
12. Hammerheads