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Format: CD
Artist: Barry Andrews
CatNo: BS_6597_CD
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Barry Andrews Lost Pop Songs 78-80 Signed CD

Chronicling Barry's early adventures in his own inimitable brand of Pop, Lost Pop Songs is an updated version of ...And If I Refuse? Songs 1979-81, without the Restaurant for Dogs bonus tracks.

Rare material from the post-XTC, pre-Shriekback period of Andrews's work.

Exclusive signed edition.

1 Rossmore Road
2 Win a Night Out (with a well-known paranoiac)
3 Freak
4 Me and My Mate Can Sing
5 Mousetrap
6 Bring On The Alligators
7 Sargasso Bar
8 Feeding Time
9 Muscle & Movement
10 Opposite Way in the Rush Hour
11 Taking Over ICI
12 Vampyr Skinhead
13 Big Soft Safe Family
1-3 clarinet: Frank Abrams, trombone: Ian Bateman, guitar: Rob Hendry, Robert Fripp, Bruce Mcrae, bass: Dave Marx, drums: Richard Wernham, engineer: John Strudwick,
backing vocals: Bruce Mcrae, Patti Palladin, Clara Harris, Steve New, Marion Fudger.
Recorded at Rockstar Studios, Fitzrovia, Mixed at Regent’s Park Studios, St Johns Wood.
4-7 guitars and bass: Dave Marx, drums: Rob Wilford, engineer: Hugh Padgham, Producer: Martin Rushent. Recorded at Townhouse Studio 2, Goldhawk Road.
8-10 guitar: Jon Ellis, bass: Dave Marx, drums: Richard Wernham, engineer: John Strudwick, recorded at Pathway Studios, Islington
11-13 bass: Marion Fudger, guitar: Rob Hendry, drums: Richard Wernham, 
engineer: Eric Radcliffe, recorded at Blackwing Studios, Borough.