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Format: CD
Artist: Rupert Hine's Thinkman
CatNo: MPVP009CD
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Thinkman The Formula Rupert Hine Stewart Copeland art rock cd

The debut album by Rupert Hine under the band disguise of Thinkman.

With Thinkman, Rupert Hine continued the electronic Art Pop experimental style of his earlier 'Immunity trilogy’ series of albums.

Originally released in 1986, this is the 2001 CD edition.

Stewart Copeland (The Police), James West-Oram (The Fixx) and Chris Thomson guest.

These are the only remaining copies of the release.

1. Best Adventures
2. The Formula
3. Legend
4. The Ectasy of Free Thought
5. The Conflict
6. The Challenge
7. The Days of a Champion
8. There Shines Our Promised Land