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Format: cd
Artist: Rupert Hine
CatNo: mpvp003cd
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Rupert Hine Immunity cd
Rupert Hine's startling Art Rock / Electronica release from 1981.
Dark, atmospheric and something of a spiritual soul mate to Peter Gabriel's contemporaneous classics 3 and 4, this 2001 CD edition (featuring two bonus tracks) comes signed by Rupert Hine.
Phil Collins, Geoffrey Richardson, Phil Palmer and Marianne Faithfull guest.
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1. I Hang On to My Vertigo
2. Misplaced Love
3. Samsara
4. Surface Tension
5. I Think a Man Will Hang Soon
6. Immunity
7. Another Stranger
8. Psycho Surrender
9. Make a Wish
Bonus tracks:
10. Scratching at Success
11. Introduction to the Menace