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Format: cd
Artist: Jon Anderson
CatNo: HST079CD
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Jon Anderson Survival And Other Stories cd
Survival And Other Stories - from 2011 - is a remarkable and unusual collaborative project that began life as an advert on Jon Anderson's website. 
'About four years ago I put an ad on my website saying, 'Musicians Wanted.' This is the result.' - Jon Anderson. 
Despite the multiple methods of recording and composing, Survival is undoubtedly one of Anderson's most consistently beautiful and spiritual solo releases and was rightfully acclaimed on its release.
1. New New World (04:14)
2. Understanding Truth (02:24)
3. Unbroken Spirit (03:57)
4. Love of the Live (02:49)
5. Big Buddha Song (05:31)
6. Incoming (07:56)
7. Effortlessly (03:11)
8. Love and Understanding (04:13)
9. Just One Man (04:30)
10. Sharpening the Sword (03:40)
11. Cloudz (06:06)
Catalogue # HST079CD