A cast recording of the critically acclaimed stage show of Vivian Stanshall's classic.
The recording features Rick Wakeman guesting on piano, and also Viv's Bonzo bandmate Neil Innes plus Viv's favourite violinist Susie Honeyman of The Mekons. 
'Michael Livesley embodies to perfection the spirit and brilliance of Vivian Stanshall and adds his own measure of outrageous talent too.' - Stephen Fry
'A work of lyrical genius and poetry, on a different plane to the rest of the world.' - Rick Wakeman
1. Aunt Florrie's Waltz
2. Interlewd
3. Wheelbarrow
4. Socks
5. The Rub
6. Nice 'N' Tidy
7. Pigs 'Ere Purse
8. 6/8 Hoodoo
9. Smeeton
10. Fool & Bladder
11. Endroar
12. The Beasht Inshide
13. Junglebunny
14. Aunt Florrie Remembers
15. Rawlinsons & Maynards
16. Papadumb