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Format: cd
Artist: Anderson Bruford Wakeman Howe
CatNo: HST025CD
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2CD ABWH An Evening Of Yes Music Plus
Given the history of the band members, ABWH's tour to support its debut studio release in 1989 was inevitably billed as an evening of 'Yes Music Plus'.
On this double cd of music taken from the tour, the four ex Yes members - plus former Bruford band bassist Jeff Berlin - perform tracks from the ABWH album and the magnificent early Yes catalogue. 
CD 1:
1. Benjamins Britten's Young persons guide to the orchestra 
2. Jon Anderson solo: Time and a World-Teakbois-Owner of a lonely Heart/Teakbois 
3. Steve Howe solo: The Clap-Mood for a day 
4. Rick Wakeman solo: Gone But Not Forgotten-Catherine Parr-Merlin The magician 
5. Long distance roundaround 
6. Birthright 
7. And you and I
8. I've Seen All Good People 
CD 2:
1. Close to the Edge 
2. Themes ( i. Sound, ii. Second Attention, iii. Soul Warrior)
3. Brother of Mine 
4. Heart of the Sunrise 
5. Order of the Universe 
6. Roundabout
7 Starship Trooper
- John Anderson / vocals 
- Bill Bruford / drums 
- Rick Wakeman / keyboards 
- Steve Howe / guitar
- Jeff Berlin / bass 
- Julian Colbeck / keyboards 
- Milton McDonald / rhythm guitar and vocals