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Format: cd
Artist: Rick Wakeman
CatNo: MFCD004
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Rick Wakeman White Rock II cd
'When asked to write new scores for all the early Winter Olympic sports films I pieced together the best of all the music and made this album, which I personally think is a nice and genuine follow up to the original White Rock.' - Rick Wakeman
Released in 1999, Rick recorded White Rock II with Brad Waissman on bass, Fraser Thorneycroft-Smith on guitars, and Stuart Sawney on percussion programming in 1997 and 1998.
1. Oriental Iceman (11:48) 
2. Ice Pie (8:54) 
3. Dancing on Snowflakes (3:07) 
4. Nine Ice Groove (7:03) 
5. In The Frame (3:41) 
6. Harlem Slalom (11:21) 
7. Frost In Space (8:10)
- Rick Wakeman / keyboards 
- Brad Waissman / bass 
- Fraser Thorneycroft-Smith / guitars 
- Stuart Sawney / percussion programming