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Format: cd
Artist: Rick Wakeman
CatNo: MFGZ004CD
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Rick Wakeman The Stage Collection cd
A live performance by Rick and his band (including Adam Wakeman, Tony Fernandez and Alan Thomson) recorded in August 1993 in Buenos Aires during the Wakeman With Wakeman tour.
A 2016 RRAW label version, this has previously been available as Official Live Bootleg (on Music Fusion).
CD 1:
1. Lure of the Wild
2. Catherine Howard
3. Eleanor Rigby
4. The Myths and Legends of King Arthur
5. Catherine Parr
CD 2:
1. Journey to the Centre of the Earth
2. Past and Present
3. Paint It Black
- Rick Wakeman / keyboards 
- Adam Wakeman / keyboards 
- Alan Thompson / bass 
- Tony Fernandez / drums