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Format: cd
Artist: Rick Wakeman
CatNo: MFGZ015CD
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Rick Wakeman San Francisco Winterland Ballroo cd
Rick Wakeman and The English Rock Ensemble live at San Francisco's Winterland Ballroom in 1975 captures the man and the band at its majestic best.
Previously released as a King Biscuit Hour CD, this is a recording taken from a radio broadcast.
1. Journey To The Center Of The Earth 12:04
2. Catherine Howard 11:42
3 Lancelot And The Black Knight 5:30
4. Anne Boleyn 8:57
5. The Forest 6:43
6. Arthur And Guinevere 14:40
7. Merlin The Magician 7:21
8. Catherine Parr 8:29
Recorded 11/02/1975
Catalogue # MFGZ015CD
Rick Wakeman - keyboards
Reg Brooks - trombone
John Dunsterville - guitar
Tony Fernandez - drums
John Hodgson - percussion
Ashley Holt - vocals
Roger Newell - bass
Martin Shields - trumpet