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Format: CD
Artist: Rick Wakeman
CatNo: SMACD1268-SMACD1189
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Rick Wakeman A Gallery Of The Imagination_The bundle

A chance to own both A Gallery Of The Imagination and The Red Planet in a CD bundle.


The 2023 concept album from keyboard legend Rick Wakeman and The English Rock Ensemble is a diverse affair, featuring Prog pieces with soaring Moog solos, solo piano numbers and eight unconventional vocal tracks.
CD in jewel case.


On 2020’s The Red PlanetRick Wakeman wipes the dust from his favourite analogue keyboards and makes a welcome return to the world of Prog. 
CD with 20-page booklet.


A Gallery Of The Imagination

1. Hidden Depths
2. The Man in the Moon
3. A Mirage in the Clouds
4. The Creek
5. My Moonlight Dream
6. Only When I Cry
7. Cuban Carnival
8. Just a Memory
9. The Dinner Party
10. A Day Spent on the Pier
11. The Visitation
12. The Eyes of a Child
The Red Planet
1. Ascraeus Mons (5:53)
2. Tharsis Tholus (6:17)
3. Arsia Mons (6:10)
4. Olympus Mons (5:20)
5. The North Plain (6:53)
6. Pavonis Mons (7:14)
7. South Pole (7:35)
8. Valles Marineris (10:02)