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Format: CD
Artist: Richard Barbieri
CatNo: KSCOPE326_del
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Richard Barbieri Things Buried Stranger Inside Japan cd
A 2017 Kscope mid-price reissue of Richard Barbieri's first two solo albums from 2005 and 2008.
Things Buried is Barbieri's debut solo album; an instrumental work that highlights Barbieri's unique approach to sound and mood, ranging from textural atmospherics to dynamic rhythmic passages. The album also features the distinctive styles of Percy Jones (Brian Eno, Brand X) on fretless bass guitar and Andy Gangadeen (The Bays, Massive Attack) on Drums.
Stranger Inside further developed Barbieri's unique sound and the album includes contributions from long-term creative partners Steve Jansen (mixing/co-arranging), Steven Wilson (mastering), Gavin Harrison (drums) and the legendary double bass player, Danny Thompson (Pentangle). Although instrumental in nature, most tracks feature radical and atmospheric manipulations of the sampled voices of Tim Bowness and Suzanne Barbieri.
1. Nevada [5:08]
2. Fear And Trembling [5:40]
3. Light On Glass [6:33]
4. Drops Of Mercury [7:39]
5. Flaw [5:00]
6. Medication Time [6:54]
7. Red Square [7:52]
8. Path Not Taken [6:29]
CD 2:
1. Cave [6:32]
2. All Fall Down [3:11]
3. Hypnotek [8:16]
4. Byzantium [7:32]
5. Decay [5:02]
6. Abyssn [6:45]
7. Morphia [5:44]
8. Retina Blur [4:30]
9. Stranger Inside [3:36]