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Format: Vinyl
Artist: O.R.k.
CatNo: RNR075LP
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ORk Soul Of An Octopus vinyl O.R.k.
Following on from 2015's captivating Inflamed Rides, 2017's Soul Of An Octopus finds the quartet of Pat Mastelotto, Colin Edwin, Lorenzo Esposito Fornasari, and Carmelo Peptone taking ORK's music into even stranger uncharted waters.
Encompassing Crimson-esque prog-rock, free  jazz and even bits of opera,  Soul Of An Octopus is according  Fornasari, "At least four times more powerful and intense than Inflamed Rides."
Prepare to be attacked!
Heavyweight vinyl version.
1. Too Numb
2. Collapsing Hopes
3. Searching For The Code
4. Dirty Rain
1. Scarlet Water
2. Heaven Proof House
3. Just Another Bad Day
4. Capture or Reveal
5. Till The Sunrise Comes