Price: £17.99

Format: vinyl
Artist: Porcupine Tree
CatNo: KSCOPE813 deleted
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PT Porcupine Tree Recordings vinyl Kscope
The classic Porcupine Tree rarity available on vinyl for the first time.
* Double 180 gram black vinyl
* 350 gram heavyweight gatefold sleeve
* printed inner sleeves
As Porcupine Tree's popularity has grown over the years, fans have been eager to explore the band's back catalogue and earlier pieces have become highly collectable with deleted albums, EPs and promos regularly changing hands on eBay for extortionate sums. The jewel in many fans collections is Recordings, a highly sought-after CD originally released in 2001 as a limited (20,000) edition release featuring songs written during the Stupid Dream and Lightbulb Sun sessions. 
Side 1
1. Buying New Soul (10.24) 
2. Access Denied (3.35) 
Side 2
1. Cure For Optimism (6.11)
2. Untitled (8.53) 
Side 3
1. Disappear (3.37) 
2. Ambulance Chasing (6.32) 
3. In Formaldehyde (5.19) 
Side 4
1. Even Less (13.55) 
2. Oceans Have No Memory (3.06)