The critically acclaimed 2007 album, to date the biggest Porcupine Tree seller with 250,000 copies sold.  The album features six lengthy tracks in a song-cycle dealing with "a 21st century cocktail of MTV, sex, prescription drugs, video games, the internet, terminal boredom, and subsequent escape."
In a groundbreaking deal, Porcupine Tree have secured the rights to release uncompressed versions of their back catalogue. Further titles will be added over the coming months.
This download is not 24bit. 16bit/44.1kHz Flac
Includes printable artwork.
1. Fear of a Blank Planet (7:28)
2. My Ashes (5:07)
3. Anesthetize (17:42)
4. Sentimental (5:26)
5. Way Out of Here (7:37)
6. Sleep Together (7:28)