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Artist: Porcupine Tree
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Due to demand here is a downloadable version of the soundtrack to Porcupine Tree's 'Arriving Somewhere...' DVD, which was recorded live in Chicago in October 2005.  This includes the entire soundtrack of the main disc, spread across 2 discs, running over 100 minutes.  The exceptional quality of the audio mix has been particularly acclaimed, so this is a chance to get the soundtrack as mixed by SW and mastered by Darcy Proper in uncompressed 16 bit/44.1kHz FLAC.  Includes printable CD artwork.

Disc 1 
01 Revenant (3:04) 
02 Open Car (4:46) 
03 Blackest Eyes (4:41) 
04 Lazarus (4:06) 
05 Hatesong (9:14) 
06 Don't Hate Me (8:38) 
07 Mother and Child Divided (5:11) 
08 Buying New Soul (7:17) 
09 So Called Friend (4:55) 
Disc 2 
01 Arriving Somewhere But Not Here (12:57) 
02 Heartattack in a Layby (4:07) 
03 Start of Something Beautiful (7:19) 
04 Halo (6:42) 
05 Sound of Muzak (5:14) 
06 Even Less (6:54) 
07 Trains (7:18) 
08 End Credits (Mother and Child Divided) (2:05) 
Soundtrack to the 'Arriving Somewhere...' DVD, recorded at Park West, Chicago on 11-12 October 2005.  Mixed by Steven Wilson at No Man's Land, UK. Mastered by Darcy Proper at Galaxy Studios, Belgium.
Steven Wilson / guitars, lead vocals 
Richard Barbieri / keyboards 
Colin Edwin / bass 
Gavin Harrison / drums 
John Wesley / guitars, vocals
Photography by Lasse Hoile 
Design by Carl Glover for Aleph 
<b>Unlike previous Burning Shed downloads, the audio is provided as two ZIP files, each containing the tracks for one disc of the album.  Once downloaded, the files can be expanded using WinZip on a PC or Stuffit Expander on the Mac.</b>