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Format: CD
Artist: Porcupine Tree
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Porcupine Tree Stupid Dream CD Transmission
Transmission label reissue of Stupid Dream, Porcupine Tree's fifth studio album from 1999. Features the 2005 remix/remaster by Steven Wilson.
Containing PT classics including Even Less, Pure Narcotic, Tinto Brass and Stop Swimming, Stupid Dream is considered one of the essential albums in the band’s catalogue.
’A great album. This lot deftly flatten the opposition.' - Classic Rock
Mid-price CD in a 4-panel digipak with 8-page booklet.
1. Even Less (07:12)
2. Piano Lessons (04:23)
3. Stupid Dream (00:29)
4. Pure Narcotic (05:03)
5. Slave Called Shiver (04:42)
6. Don't Hate Me (08:31)
7. This Is No Rehearsal (03:27)
8. Baby Dream In Cellophane (03:14)
9. Stranger By The Minute (04:31)
10. A Smart Kid (05:22)
11. Tinto Brass (06:18)
12. Stop Swimming (06:54)