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Format: CD
Artist: Porcupine Tree
CatNo: KSCOPE624
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Porcupine Tree In Absentia CD
Please note this CD does not use the 2017 Steven Wilson vinyl remaster, it is the original recording.
In Absentia was the band's seventh studio album, first released in 2002, and was the first in a run of 3 albums that for many represent the pinnacle of the band's artistic achievements. It was something of a breakthrough for the band, selling three times more than previous releases. Following on from 2000's Lightbulb Sun it had a distinctly heavier tone, partly due to the addition of legendary drummer Gavin Harrison, and was also their first for major label Lava / Atlantic Records. 'In Absentia' features many of Porcupine Tree’s most loved songs including "Trains", "The Sound of Muzak" and "Blackest Eyes". While not a formal concept album, many of the songs have common themes related to serial killers, youthful innocence gone wrong, and observations of the modern world, setting a template for many of Wilson's future songs.
This CD re-issue of In Absentia is presented in digipack packaging complete with an 8-page booklet.
1. Blackest Eyes [04:26]
2. Trains [05:57]
3. Lips Of Ashes [04:40]
4. The Sound Of Muzak [04:59]
5. Gravity Eyelids [07:56]
6. Wedding Nails [06:33]
7. Prodigal [05:33]
8. .3 [05:26]
9. The Creator Has A Mastertape [05:21]
10. Heartattack In A Layby [04:15]
11. Strip The Soul [07:22]
12. Collapse The Light Into Earth [05:52]