A standalone release for the 2016 Delerium Years box set edition of Voyage 34.
Voyage 34, an instrumental composition from 1992/93, is a journey split into 4 phases that lasts for over an hour. Combining trance rhythms alongside more typical Porcupine Tree textures and guitar solos, Voyage 34 was a big hit in the ambient/chill out club scene of the early 1990s (when it was originally issued as two 12 inch singles).

The artwork was completely redesigned for the original re-release and contains new images from long-term collaborator of Porcupine Tree frontman and founding member Steven Wilson, Lasse Hoile.

Double 180g vinyl in gatefold packaging featuring Steven Wilson's Delerium Years remaster. 

1. Voyage 34 (Phase I) [12:57]
1. Voyage 34 (Phase II) [17:30]
1. Voyage 34 (Phase III - Astralasia Dreamstate) [19:29]
1. Voyage 34 (Phase IV - A New Civilization) [19:47]