Price: £24.99
Format: vinyl
Artist: Tiger Moth Tales
CatNo: PLG072
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Tiger Moth Tales Story Tellers Parts One Two Camel Vinyl
Unique to vinyl, this release combines Story Tellers Part Two - the 2018 album by Camel's Pete Jones - along with 2015's Part One in a limited edition double LP package (300 copies globally).  
Favourite childhood stories are reimagined and set to music in Pete's distinctive and charming pastoral Progressive style.  
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Story Tellers Part One 
Side One
Beauty Falls - 3.50
Story Tellers - 5.40
Beauty Sleeps - 4.42
A Kids Tale - 6.07
Side Two
The Quest For Beauty - 4.26
The Piper - 12.53
Beauty Awakes   3.48
Story Tellers Part Two 
Side One
Toad of Toad Hall - 3.38
Hundred Acre Wood - 3.17
The Boy Who Cried Wolf - 6.43
Three Little Pigs - 6.33
Match Girl - 3.47
Side Two
Best Friends - 3.14
Kai’s Journey   4.38
Eternity - 4.36
The Palace - 8.45
Best Friends Reprise - 2.30