Price: £9.99
Format: Vinyl
Artist: Robert Reed
CatNo: PLGS08
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Robert Reed Theme from Dr Who Mike Oldfield vinyl

A stunning reworking of the truly iconic Doctor Who theme by Robert Reed, ably supported by Mike Oldfield collaborators Les Penning and Tom Newman

A 12" single on blue vinyl, the release additionally contains key solo tracks from all three artists.

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This release is exclusive to Burning Shed.



Side 1
1.  Theme from Dr Who (Tom Newman Happy Mix) 2:40
2.  Robert Reed: Indigo (Chimpan A remix) 4:36
3.  Les Penning: Sellinger's Round (from the CD "Bellerion") 1:33
4.  Tom Newman: Uriel's Secret (From the CD "The Secret Life of Angels") 3:03
Side 2
1.  Theme From Dr Who (Robert Reed BBC mix) 2:26
2.  Tom Newman: Happy Chickens (unreleased) 1:55
3.  Robert Reed: Ommackache (From the CD Sanctuary I) 3:00
4.  Les Penning: Lyme (From the CD Belerion) 5:07