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Format: Vinyl
Artist: My Darling Clementine
CatNo: PLG055s
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My Darling Clementine Still Testifying Signed Vinyl
Michael Weston King and wife Lou Dalgleish, aka My Darling Clementine, return with Still Testifying, their third loosely conceptual collection of troubled relationship-themed songs. 
The album features an impressive roster of musicians whose ranks include guitarist Martin Belmont, Alan Cook on pedal steel, bassist Kevin Foster, Geraint Watkins playing organ and accordion and Nick Penetelow on sax, and sees a further move away from the countrypolitan sound of the duo's debut.
Limited to 300 copies and pressed on heavyweight vinyl (with a full-colour pic and lyric insert), this comes signed by both Michael and Lou


Side 1
1. The Embers & The Flame 4:25
2.  Eugene 4:11
3.  Yours Is The Cross That I Still Bear 4:07
4.  Since I Fell For You 3:12
5.  There's Nothing You Can Tell Me (That I Don't Already Know) 2:23
6.  Jolene's Story 3:03
Side 2
1.  Fridy Night, Tulip Hotel 3:06
2.  Just A Woman 5:03
3.  Tear Stained Smile 3:44
4.  Two Lane Texaco 6:11
5.  Shallow 2:28