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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Moonparticle
CatNo: PLG063
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Moonparticle Hurricane Esmeralda Niko Tsonev vinyl

The stunning 2017 project from Niko Tsonev (Steven Wilson, Lifesigns), which is strictly limited to just 300 copies on 180g vinyl.

Stellar guest musicians contributing include Craig Blundell (Steven Wilson, Frost*, David Cross Band), Adam Holzman (Steven Wilson, Miles Davis), Theo Travis (Soft Machine, No-Man, Porcupine Tree, Robert Fripp) and Grog Lisee (Die So Fluid)

Encompassing a wide range of styles, from Jazz Rock to Prog to Electronica to all-out driving Rock, Moonparticle is a superb showcase for a superb musician.


1. Hurricane Esmeralda                                   3:20
2. Helium I                                                        2:16
3. Helium II                                                       1:24
4. Winter Mountain                                           5:20
5. White Light                                                   5:00
1. Michelangelo Don’t Stop                              6:51
2. The Strength Of A Thousand Year Rose     4:23
3. Reverend Mum                                            4:06  
4. Leon’s Experiment                                       7:16