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Format: Vinyl
Artist: Martin Gordon
CatNo: RFPG023-V
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Martin Gordon Thanks For All The Fish limited vinyl
Thanks For All The Fish is the eighth solo album from Sparks, Jet, Radio Stars and Rickenbacker bass maestro Martin Gordon.
The album pays homage to the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, while taking aim at a broad selection of idiotic behaviour across the globe (and those who carry it out).
Featuring guests from the Tiger Lillies along with Berlin’s finest Ost-polka band the Polkaholix and members of Daniel Barenboim’s Berliner Staatskapelle orchestra, the album was mastered by veteran Sparks' engineer Richard Digby Smith.
‘Like Brian Eno fronting 10cc at a cleverness convention.’ - Classic Rock
Pressed on 180g vinyl, the release is limited to 300 individually numbered copies, with a double-sided lyric insert.
Side 1
1. Idiots 3.09 
2. Political Correctness Gone Mad 3.18 
3. Thanks For All the Fish 5.08 
4. Bad Guys (Sad) 3.31 
5. UnPresidented 3.04 
6. The Beast of Ankara 2.47 
7. The Weekend is Wunderbar 3.03
8. Cock ‘n’ Bull 1:51
Side 2
1. Half a Chicken 2.48 
2. Jalapeño 2.55 
3. Dump the Trump 2.21 
4. No Thank You 3.07 
5. Tiny Mind 4.50 
6. God’s Not Great 4.13 
7. Grim 4.04 
8. Coda 0.55